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A Word to the Wise

A Word to the Wise:
Standard Transmission  
You had to use the clutch, brake, and gas. At first it was pretty hard. But after awhile, you could drive that car with a standard transmission without even thinking about it. You had developed what's called unconscious competency - the ability to perform without having to think about it.
The power of your personality is not only your appreciation of the strength of your personality, but your appreciation in the strength of the personality of others. Stop putting your destiny in the hands of others who don’t appreciate you.
Theologian Dr. David  Jerimiah talked about this guy that was the youngest person to circumnavigate the globe. He set sail on his transatlantic trip, but later his boat was found capsized. What was extraordinary about this is that sail boats don’t capsize. They have a large ballast positioned below the water line to prevent this. His ballast was missing. Your  personality is like that ballast. It’s the part of you anchored below your waterline keeping you upright.
Renew the Mind              
Renewing your mind is a lifetime event. You don’t take some exam or assessment; get a score and then you’re done. Life isn't like that. You should be forever exploring and discovering why you do the things that you do, act the way you act, or even say the things you say.  The answer to these questions and others like them is locked away in that unique personality of yours.
Forever Learning            
Renewing your mind is like breathing. You don’t just take a breath and forever live off of that one breath for the rest of your life. You continue taking breath after breath. It’s something life giving. Get use to renewing your mind. Never stop breathing or learning...

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